The Rising Trend of Reality Style Wedding Films

Let’s talk about a trend that’s changing the way we document our wedding day and challenging every wedding videographer to evolve from that humble little Charmander into a fire blazing Charizard!

Milton Keynes Wedding videographer Reality TV Style Wedding

What is it?

For the reality film style that’s a pretty loaded question. Depending on your perspective and part in the wedding it can be a totally different experience.

As the wedding videographer, it’s a true test of both your technical ability and story telling ability. Forget the slow motion montages! Those are likely to become the bread and butter of the new wave of Wedding Content creators. If you’re curious about the differences between a wedding videographer I’ve done a comparison here.

If you are a Bride, Groom or person getting married, a reality wedding film quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom.

What is different about a reality film compared to your typical wedding highlights video? Simply the method in which it’s created. The best part of the style is that it doesn’t impact your day any more than any other video. The focus of a reality film is on the people you surround yourselves with.

Reality wedding videographer Milton Keynes UK England

What is different?

The beauty of these films is that you can make them as in depth as you choose. As an example, packages on my website can include capturing forgotten like the search for the perfect dress. Imagine being able to relive the moment you find the perfect wedding dress. Perhaps even being able to share that moment with your new partner after the wedding day. The possibilities with this style are truly endless.

Put the spotlight on the people who mean the most to you!

As a wedding videographer, I approach these moments looking to tell a story. These days It’s crazy how the wedding industry focuses so much on the couple! Of course it is their wedding but what about the friends and family who travel to be there? The best way I find to tell a story is to hear it first hand. The time straight after the ceremony is used to relocate the tripods that were set up for ceremony. It feels like a wasted opportunity to speak to your guests. Your guest will be excited and the atmosphere is electric for a time after the ceremony. It’s the perfect time for them to speak to camera and narrate snippets of your wedding story. Hearing voices and seeing personalities is just not something that’s usually thought of as a top priority in wedding films.

The bottom line.

The big question is who are these films for? I believe that if you’re a couple with strong values on family or perhaps you’ve overcome challenges together. This is FOR YOU. Forget seeing your slow motion walk off into the sunset and start listening to the voices of people you love talking about who you really are and what you mean to them. Already Ive seen a huge increase of couples seeking this style in my home town of Milton Keynes.

Dodford Manor Wedding Venue || The Insiders Perspective

Planning a Dodford manor wedding?

Dodford Manor Best Wedding Photographer

Elegant | Rustic| Charm

the ideal setting for a quaint country wedding.

|| Dodford Manor, Northamptonshire ||

Its no secret that all of us Wedding Photographers and Videographers have a soft spot for this rustic barn venue.

Recently, The team invited me to join the Dodford Manor wedding family as a recommended photographer and videographer. Over the years I have shot weddings at Dodford in all seasons and regardless of the weather weddings here just seem to flow beautifully.

Dodford manor wedding photographer Drew Webb

with its sweeping panoramic views of the Northamptonshire countryside and rustic stone barns, its pretty much a turn key wedding venue with just a few modest touches needed to make it your own. A pretty venue is nice, but what stands out every time I visit is one thing. It’s just how attentive the team of staff members are. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that weddings can be unpredictable. I have seen the team at Dodford adapt and overcome challenges time and time again. In my career I have had the privilege of working at wedding venues around the world. This has really opened eyes to recognise what makes a wedding day perfect.

so let’s take a look at what it looks like to have a Dodford Manor wedding.

and of course we cant forget the times I have been lucky enough to be the wedding videographer at Dodford Manor. Its balcony and raised bar give elevated view points for the ceremony and speeches giving you the perfect angle to capture the emotions of the day. Below is the wedding film of Adam and Gill. One of the best things about Dodford in my opinion is the evening layout. The ceremony barn is left open and empty. Perfect to capture some intimate moments. On this occasion, I asked Adam and Gill to practice their first dance here. That meant that with the addition of a spotlight and some haze, we get a beautiful dance montage.

To conclude lets take a look around the grounds that make this wedding venue a dream to shoot.

More Stories.

Best Wedding Speeches that caught all the feels

You leave me notes in my books telling me how much you care. On days when works been hard you sit and brush my hair.

Freya and Connors Lyde Court Wedding – Hereford

It’s no Secret that a wedding speech can make a room roar with laughter.

When you have worked in the wedding industry as long as I have, you get pretty used to listening to speeches from people you’ve just met. Often, they will detail stories of growing up or the individuals triumphs in the face of adversity. Every so often, a speech has the power to move an entire room. I’m not just talking about the friends and family of those involved. Sometimes, a speech has so much emotion it radiates to the staff and suppliers of the wedding day.

So here’s to the wordsmiths and those who speak true. This time our hearts speak solely to you.

Let’s dive straight in with my all time favourite.

I’ll set the scene. After an early start and a few hours on the road we arrived at the quaint country venue of Lyde Court. Greeted immediately by smiles all around it was confirmed pretty early that this would be a pretty wholesome day.

The day went splendidly with somewhat of an attempt at cooperation from the English weather. We made our way into the candle lit barn that was filled with wildflowers. The perfect setting for what came next.

Now, I have always been a sucker for a romantic comedy or heart filling love story. It would be fair to say, I often draw comparisons to the stories I capture and those I watched so attentively from the sofa. There’s something about being a 90’s baby that makes you quest after the ultimate romantic moment. I’d say its to do with the movies we grew up on. A typical boy meets girl complicated whirlwind romance. Only to serve as a build up to the grand reveal and slow motion entrance not forgetting of course the perfect meet cute.

Well, at this wedding. Connor and Freya achieved the ultimate level of romantic movie worthy moments. Up there with the heart wrenching rollercoaster that is the Notebook or Professor Snape and his love for Lilly Potter.

Take a listen to this segment of Freya’s Speech as we break from tradition and kick things off with a Bride Speech. If you’re feeling fragile or you want that warm fuzzy feeling, Grab the popcorn and watch it from the start because this is spectacular.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

With her beautiful poem she had us all struggling to see through a haze of happy tears. But no time to dwell, We have more stories to tell! So on with the show, because we have one day more. Pick yourself up it’s time to meet the Outlaws.

The Best Little Man Charlie stealing the show.

Racking up more than 120,000 views on YouTube, This wedding was like no other from the outset. Fast cars, drum and bass and more revs than top gear! Lauren and Shaun’s wedding was simply a masterpiece for any petrolhead without breaking the traditions of a classic and elegant British wedding. Now for this one I’m going to let Charlie do the talking. Together with his Grandad Chris he had written a speech that had lots of laughs and a few aww moments. It also served as a set up for a big surprise. Not easy to do in front of more than a hundred people, even for an adult!

Well done Charlie! You smashed it with all that confidence. Did anyone else see grandad reading every word right there with him? We just witnessed a core memory being made!

Captivating the crowd with Philosophy and the sublime.

So there you have it. I think it’s only fitting we end with a speech that changed my entire approach to wedding film making. This speech needs no introduction so let’s jump right in.

Venues Featured:

Dodford manor

Lyde Court

Woburn Abbey

Charterhouse School

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Horwood House

Luton Hoo

The Crown Hotel, Bawtry

Carlton House Terrace

Dodmoor House

Holmewood Hall

The Old Hall, Ely

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Ryan & Damian || The Old Hall, Ely || Copper and Blue Wedding

Ryan and Damian

A Copper and Blue Wedding at The Old Hall, Ely

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer Party Photo

Meet Damian & Ryan.

Somehow, this incredible couple pulled off the ultimate wedding day combination. An Elegant and stylish celebration in the day time, (the kind that belongs in the movies). Followed by an epic and wild party that none of their guests will be in a hurry to forget.

I had the pleasure of being a wedding photographer at The Old Hall Ely. This is how the story of their wedding day became a real page turner.

What is your story?

Damian: We met when Ryan was at at uni at ARU Cambridge through a mutual friend.
We then moved in together with another mate in his second year. Before the year was out just after Christmas 27th December 2013, he made a move and never looked back. As it turns out Ryan lived with a girl I worked with.

How did you and select The Old Hall, Ely as your wedding venue?

We visited 3 or 4 different venues. We knew we wanted something that was a mix between modern and traditional elegant features. The Old Hall stood out from the moment we saw it.

I in fact wanted to book after only seeing the old hall

Your wedding colours were visually stunning and complimented the styling so well can you tell me about the concepts?

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer copper wedding

With the style, we knew we didn’t want it all to be light, bright and feminine. So we tried to bring a rustic vibe to it. With the copper and wood we felt had some masculinity to it.

The colours was all Ryan and the design was all Ryan, he has always had and eye for it.
We took over the three years of planning. Ryan carefully put it together with the help of the suppliers, a lot of Pinterest. Even changing of suits and dresses to match the colour of the theme. Olive helped with the table settings in terms of showing us ideas for us to play with.

We had seen or suits a while back. We sort knew what we wanted. Originally we were going to put the girls on white initially but it just did not match. We found the copper dresses which was perfect. The boys suits came last and brought all the gang together.

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer bridal suite
Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer top table design

Looking back

What are your memories of the day?

Both of us said all morning really was really relaxed, however as it closer we got nervous and anxious about speeches. The ceremony and the speeches I think was the best parts!

Ryan’s belly grumbling as he was hungry at the alter had the whole room laughing

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer orangery ceremony

The party had some memories too like the Groomsman spending £400 on Sambuca 🙄🫣
Popcorn trailed over the whole venue poor cleaner was there from 3am we cant thank them enough for their patience. Most of all we will always be filled with the memories of our wedding. Bringing everyone together and having all our family together in one place for the first time! The girls speeches were amazing!

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer best speeches
Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer copper bridesmaids

We had a lovely tribute to my sister and Ryan’s Nan. It was really important to us that they were included.

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer stairway to heaven

My highlights from the wedding

One of the creative things Ryan and Damian had at their wedding was a seating plan with a difference. They hung photographs of their guests. One could say they were probably not the ones the guests would have chosen if they had known. These hilarious snapshots and silly selfies got an amazing reaction and made everyone feel included.

Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer
Old Hall Ely Wedding Photographer

As the photographer at their wedding, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the way their guests interacted with it. Even better, I watched them collect their photos at the end for a little wedding keepsake.

Same Sex Wedding The Old Hall Ely

We ended the evening with a moonlit photo in the walled gardens. It was absolutely the perfect way to close off this chapter of their story.

If you liked this venue, you’ll probably like Alex and Jasons wedding at Holmewood Hall in Cambridgeshire . If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for the Old Hall in Ely, I’d love to hear your story

Alex & Jason || Holmewood Hall || Peterborough || Wedding Photography

Allow me to introduce Jason and Alexandra. They planned a Holmewood Hall Wedding in Peterborough. Here is their story so far.

Holmewood Hall Wedding photo
How it all Began.

Jason and Alexandra met at work. He was the nerdy science teacher and she was the bonkers art teacher! They made each other laugh, challenged each other and became really good friends at first. Then, over time, it organically and unexpectedly blossomed into more!

The Proposal

Jason proposed to Alex last September, at a family bbq in their garden. It was a complete surprise and so lovely to be with family and celebrate straight away!

Building the Perfect Holmewood Hall Wedding

Alex and Jason wanted a spring or autumn wedding, as a result they needed somewhere that was beautiful and interesting on the Interior; Holmewood Hall certainly delivered that! They adored the use of space and flow from room to room. It meant that Their guests could be comfortable and not stuck in one room all day. Of course, the Gold room was spectacular and felt perfect for us to make our vows in. 

The Details
  • Favours – “we chose wildflower seeds for bees and Mini activity packs for the kids”
  • Table plan – made by Alexandra, with a few original illustrations. 
  • Centrepieces – collected and arranged by Alexandra, a mixture of textures and colours. 
  • Flowers – “we chose dried flowers – in line with our colour scheme and to add different textures”.
  • Cake – a 4 tier naked cake decorated with fruits and rosemary. Made by a very good friend (and excellent baker) Luke and his mum Sue. 
  • Place names – laser cut wooden names, lovingly made by our friend Becca at school! 
Looking the part

 The bride wore a long white lace dress with silver beading and detail. Alexandra said “I chose it because I loved the back of the dress and detail at the front. I had dried flowers in my hair and wore a hand embroidered veil, as I wanted a little bit of colour and loved how different it was”. 

Jason rocked the perfect and unique burnt orange tweed suit, complimenting the colour scheme perfectly.

The bridesmaids donned long beautiful dark teal dresses, with brown fur wraps, each looked beautiful! 

Time to celebrate

I asked Alex about her choices for entertainment. She had this to say, “My friend Graham played his guitar during the cocktails and canapés. We also had a live band which was amazing and they got everyone up on their feet! We then had a DJ in a separate room after the band to complete the evening.” 

Poppin Candy
Right in the Feels!

How did you both feel on the day?

“Amazing, lucky, loved and in love and drunk!!”

What parts stood out for you the most?

 “The ceremony – our son Oscar walking down the aisle and stealing the show! Also us reading our vows felt incredibly special and intimate in the Gold room.
The speeches – each made us laugh and cry!

The first dance was magical – all our guests got up onto the stairs which wrapped around the hall. They threw the confetti over us as we danced together, it was incredible!

•Who/what made your day extra special?  “My friend Luke and his mum made the most incredible cake, 4 tiers, naked cake decorated with fresh and dried fruits. Everyone was blown away by it, and it tasted incredible.Our friend Graham provided an amazing acoustic set during the cocktail hour which everyone loved too!”


Where did you go? How long for? Who planned it? Did you enjoy it?

We are planning on going to Thailand at Christmas time! 

Your top wedding planning/on the day tip: 

If you’re planning a Holmewood Hall Wedding make sure to be organised beforehand so that you can thoroughly enjoy your day! And have fun! 

What you’ll always remember:

“My sister Victoria flew over from Australia as a surprise, after telling me she was unable to make it. My now husband and her arranged it as a wedding gift. It made my day as I was able to have all of my sisters beside me as I got married to my best friend. I will always be grateful for that gift.”

Holmewood Hall
Holmewood Hall Peterborough Wedding Photographer

Venue: Holmewood Hall, Peterborough

Photographer: Drew Webb Weddings

Bride’s dress (boutique): Lily Rose Bridal boutique, Peterborough 

Bride’s accessories (boutique)


Hair and make-up

Contact name: Becca Suckling And Rachel Green at Embrace  


Entertainment : live music – Poppin’ candy 

Contact name: 


Dodford Manor Wedding Photography

Firstly, meet Tommy and Holly. They chose Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire for their wedding. I met them through a mutual friend and photographer who recommended me as a wedding photographer.

When I met them for an engagement session, what started as a clear day quickly changed when the heavens opened. After shooting their engagement session it seemed fitting for it to be a rainy wedding day. So as a wedding photographer it was an absolute pleasure to face the challenge of creating perfect moments on a rainy day.

Being based in Milton Keynes, I often find myself working as a Northamptonshire wedding photographer. The rolling countryside of Northamptonshire hosts several picturesque venues. Dodford Manor combines a traditional rustic barn, with the comfort of contemporary styling. The ceremony takes place in a beautiful brick barn with a large glass frontage allowing for plenty of light to fill the space. As for the reception, a consistent styling and panoramic full length windows. Above all, it creates a perfect environment for a wedding photographer.

A Royal Wedding at the Family Home

Emma found my work from a wedding at Dodford Manor where I had previously been the wedding photographer for Tommy and Holly. She had fallen in love with the cinematic romance of that particular moment. She explained how she had planned a fusion of traditional and contemporary wedding themes and we began to piece together a plan of how her photographs might look. One thing Emma mentioned was her quest since childhood, to prove she was secretly related to the queen. With that in mind it seemed perfectly fitting for Emma, and her soon to be groom, Andy to create their own pop up pub!

The setting for the wedding was a beautiful country house in Wendover, surrounded by farmland. A rustic barn wedding ceremony, followed by a garden celebration. A pretty idyllic country wedding.

As a wedding photographer and wedding videographer, I love the opportunity to work somewhere new. That’s especially true when its not your typical wedding venue as it presents a creative challenge, I literally had no idea what to expect. Fiona ( my second shooter) and I arrived simultaneously to photograph the prep. The girls, photographed by myself on this occasion and the guys by Fiona. Once ready, I asked Andy to wear a microphone. Emma was completely in the dark of our intention to produce a little film so hiding the microphone was critical. We tucked it inside his jacket and all went swimmingly.

Lockdown Wedding in Warwick

Wethele Manor, Leamington Spa

Let me set the scene, after months of rescheduling amidst a global pandemic, its finally the evening before your wedding. You’ve made all the arrangements, your 27 guests are settling in at the venue for an overnight stay. Its 27 instead of the original far greater number because you had to accommodate the two photographers and videographer to ensure family that can’t be there won’t miss it. For a second, theres a glimpse of the excitement only a wedding can bring.

Then, this. An announcement from the government moving the goalposts. The rules have changed your ceremony can go ahead at the venue but forget about your wedding reception. what on Earth can you do?

The answer: pick up your entire reception and put it in your garden of course.

That is exactly what happened to Jono and Nicola. Among the challenges of making this possible there was a big one for me. How do I work the wedding videography to ensure the final film appears consistent. Well, it was tough but I’m pleased with the final highlight film.

It was great to meet a couple so determined to formalise their declaration of love for each other. In sickness and health, through a global pandemic, the strength and persistence they displayed gives me great hope for their future together.

What to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot?

This is probably one of the first questions that will cross your mind and quite rightly so. The clothes you wear on the day of your lifestyle family photoshoot should be a big consideration since they dramatically impact on the overall look and feel of the photos.

Think about Where your family portrait will be displayed.

outdoor Family photoshoot

Firstly, try to think about how and where you will display the photos in your home.

A family photoshoot can be a great centrepiece in a living room or hall. So if you plan on displaying yours here, try to avoid clothing that would clash with your colour scheme. There’s actually a science to it. after reading through my guide, if you’re feeling nerdy, I found this great article about colour matching that may help.

Similarly, if you are having an outdoor family session so that you can get some fun photos of the children and plan to hang the pictures in their bedroom, what colours would work well with the room’s colours scheme? Try to think about if you would like something bright and vibrant or pastel.

The importance of your location.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Make sure you don’t out dress your chosen spot! Its a common belief that you should be in your “Sunday best” for a family photoshoot, this is a myth. Your outfit choice should suit your surroundings. For an outdoor family photoshoot I use the term “lifestyle” which often reflects perfectly on selecting your outfit. Theres no sense in wearing a tuxedo at the beach however in an urban setting this might just be the perfect choice. BE COMFORTABLE!

Make sense for the time of year.

This ones a big one. It’s about dressing naturally to suit the time of year. If it’s cold, wear a jumper and as such, if its warm short sleeves work fine.

autumn family photoshoot

For Spring

pastels and light fresh blues, greens and yellows are a great option.

In Summer

Blush, warm pinks, yellows look beautiful, as do cool sky blues, mints and aqua. However, for something glitzier, you’ve got the choice of champagne, rose gold and ivory shades.


Earthy Browns, rusty oranges, golds and creams work really well in the Autumn. They don’t have to be dark but I personally like working with richer colours and materials like wool and tweed.


Warm reds and jewel colours such as emerald greens, teal and mulberry are perfect in the Winter. A heavy knit sweater or smart winter coat can also work really well to add variety to your final collection of images.

Don’t fall for the match!

Instead of the same outfit in four sizes, choose a theme and run with it! It doesn’t look natural when everybody wears the same clothes. My advice would be to start with smart casual. Simple, comfortable and natural. A family photoshoot is a glance into your life as a family. If you hate a type of fabric or a certain colour avoid it. This is about who you are as a family.

Kettering Wedding Photographer, Barton Hall, Elms Meadow

Wedding Photographer Kettering

Im sure if you ask any Kettering wedding photographer, they will be happy to shoot these venues. They are beautiful.

Ceremony Venue: Barton Hall , Kettering Reception Venue: Elms Meadow , Northamptonshire

When I first met with Charlotte and Steve to talk about their wedding photography we clicked right away. We soon turned the conversation to Game of thrones and a mutual appreciation for dogs. As a wedding photographer, it is important for me to capture personality. Ensuring that I show the personality of the couple through their wedding photography, I ask to spend a little time with the couple. we start by talking through how they met and what they have in common. Then move on to any plans they have before their wedding day.

Wedding Photographer Kettering
Wedding Photographer Kettering

Wedding Photographer Kettering

Barton Hall

Meeting Steve and Charlotte, it was easy to see they both had a great sense of humour and a love of theatre. We started talking about their first venue, Barton Hall. Situated in Kettering Northamptonshire, Barton Hall is a has a beautifully kept Grade 1 Listed Orangery set in the grounds of a contemporary hotel. An orangery is one of my favourite places to shoot. They are always bright and clean and this really creates a great setting for any Kettering wedding photographer.

Elms Meadow

Their reception venue choice, Elms Meadow, was a new one for me. I am not technically based as a Kettering wedding photographer nor Corby wedding photographer however I have family in the area so shoot there often. To be honest, tipi weddings are always a challenge for a wedding photographer. Being situated in central England it was a typically summertime wedding and so, you guessed it, it rained. This meant that the yellowish colour cast from the Tipi really challenged our in camera colour balancing. Thankfully, we have a few photography tricks up our sleeves for these moments. We ended up using off camera flash to really add some punch to our images and so sometimes it helps to be a nerd.