The Rising Trend of Reality Style Wedding Films

Let’s talk about a trend that’s changing the way we document our wedding day and challenging every wedding videographer to evolve from that humble little Charmander into a fire blazing Charizard!

Milton Keynes Wedding videographer Reality TV Style Wedding

What is it?

For the reality film style that’s a pretty loaded question. Depending on your perspective and part in the wedding it can be a totally different experience.

As the wedding videographer, it’s a true test of both your technical ability and story telling ability. Forget the slow motion montages! Those are likely to become the bread and butter of the new wave of Wedding Content creators. If you’re curious about the differences between a wedding videographer I’ve done a comparison here.

If you are a Bride, Groom or person getting married, a reality wedding film quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom.

What is different about a reality film compared to your typical wedding highlights video? Simply the method in which it’s created. The best part of the style is that it doesn’t impact your day any more than any other video. The focus of a reality film is on the people you surround yourselves with.

Reality wedding videographer Milton Keynes UK England

What is different?

The beauty of these films is that you can make them as in depth as you choose. As an example, packages on my website can include capturing forgotten like the search for the perfect dress. Imagine being able to relive the moment you find the perfect wedding dress. Perhaps even being able to share that moment with your new partner after the wedding day. The possibilities with this style are truly endless.

Put the spotlight on the people who mean the most to you!

As a wedding videographer, I approach these moments looking to tell a story. These days It’s crazy how the wedding industry focuses so much on the couple! Of course it is their wedding but what about the friends and family who travel to be there? The best way I find to tell a story is to hear it first hand. The time straight after the ceremony is used to relocate the tripods that were set up for ceremony. It feels like a wasted opportunity to speak to your guests. Your guest will be excited and the atmosphere is electric for a time after the ceremony. It’s the perfect time for them to speak to camera and narrate snippets of your wedding story. Hearing voices and seeing personalities is just not something that’s usually thought of as a top priority in wedding films.

The bottom line.

The big question is who are these films for? I believe that if you’re a couple with strong values on family or perhaps you’ve overcome challenges together. This is FOR YOU. Forget seeing your slow motion walk off into the sunset and start listening to the voices of people you love talking about who you really are and what you mean to them. Already Ive seen a huge increase of couples seeking this style in my home town of Milton Keynes.