Don’t sweat, I got this.

I love to travel, Watch movies, and may have a slight obsession with animals.

My name’s Drew, I spend a significant amount of my day trying to keep up with my dogs or planning my next adventure. In the summer (when I’m not working of course) its beaches, dog walks and family barbecues. Like pretty much everyone, as the weather gets colder, you’ll often find me sat watching Love Actually and The Holiday. I love movies and I’m pretty sure that is where most of my inspiration comes from. I get swept up in the epic beauty of cinema and do my best to incorporate that into every wedding I shoot.

Where I’ll be on the day…

My second shooter and I will arrive super early, usually just as hair and makeup arrive. We spend the first few moments snapping the details and then slowly blend ourselves into the atmosphere of your day. We have pretty much got it down to an art. Its important to me that we aren’t intrusive which is why I always shoot with a second. This stops me running around being that classic sweaty, distracting mess we all associate with wedding photographers.

From the get go we are calm and in control and will often be found lending a hand (I have probably tied more cravats, folded more pocket squares and prepped more bouquets then anyone I know). Later on when it comes to group shots we pride ourselves on our efficiency. All done and dusted with no fuss, hanging around or drama.

Every wedding is different so we approach each one with an open mind and get stuck in from the get go!

My photography has meant that I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a featured photographer by Fearless Photographers check out my profile below!