About Me

Here is my story so far.

Who I am is a summation of my lifestyle. There are only three components to happiness in life: family, travel and a dog.

I have always followed the path to my passion which took me to university when I achieved my B.A. (hons) in Contemporary Lens Media. Since then it has just been one adventure after another. To begin with I had never really thought about becoming a wedding photographer. if you’d asked me my thoughts on wedding photographers a few years ago I would have said that they were far to cheesy, to much like that strange uncle in the family or something along those lines. When I was 19 I was asked to do my first wedding together with my cousin who is also a photographer. Usually I would have said no straight away but it was for my elder sister so I obliged. I spent weeks looking at images of weddings online watching how to videos and countless visits to the venue to practice. I was determined to put my style into the photography and not to be cheesy.

The wedding came around and the whole day I kept checking the back of my camera then taking the same shot twice more. When I got home I looked through the images and couldn’t believe I’d managed to do it successfully. From that moment on I developed a love for photographing weddings. Throughout university I used photography and videography to pay my way. I shot more and more weddings and even worked with celebrity health and wellbeing expert Jessie Pavelka. It wasn’t till I graduated that I made the commitment to become a full time photographer. Within days of leaving I secured a full time commercial photographer position for a fashion retailer. The aim is becoming the 1st name in Milton Keynes Wedding Photography. Success can be measured by the happiness of My clients who became like a part of the family. 

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