Milton Keynes wedding videography

Lockdown Wedding in Warwick

Wethele Manor, Leamington Spa

Let me set the scene, after months of rescheduling amidst a global pandemic, its finally the evening before your wedding. You’ve made all the arrangements, your 27 guests are settling in at the venue for an overnight stay. Its 27 instead of the original far greater number because you had to accommodate the two photographers and videographer to ensure family that can’t be there won’t miss it. For a second, theres a glimpse of the excitement only a wedding can bring.

Then, this. An announcement from the government moving the goalposts. The rules have changed your ceremony can go ahead at the venue but forget about your wedding reception. what on Earth can you do?

The answer: pick up your entire reception and put it in your garden of course.

That is exactly what happened to Jono and Nicola. Among the challenges of making this possible there was a big one for me. How do I work the wedding videography to ensure the final film appears consistent. Well, it was tough but I’m pleased with the final highlight film.

It was great to meet a couple so determined to formalise their declaration of love for each other. In sickness and health, through a global pandemic, the strength and persistence they displayed gives me great hope for their future together.