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Best Wedding Speeches that caught all the feels

You leave me notes in my books telling me how much you care. On days when works been hard you sit and brush my hair.

Freya and Connors Lyde Court Wedding – Hereford

It’s no Secret that a wedding speech can make a room roar with laughter.

When you have worked in the wedding industry as long as I have, you get pretty used to listening to speeches from people you’ve just met. Often, they will detail stories of growing up or the individuals triumphs in the face of adversity. Every so often, a speech has the power to move an entire room. I’m not just talking about the friends and family of those involved. Sometimes, a speech has so much emotion it radiates to the staff and suppliers of the wedding day.

So here’s to the wordsmiths and those who speak true. This time our hearts speak solely to you.

Let’s dive straight in with my all time favourite.

I’ll set the scene. After an early start and a few hours on the road we arrived at the quaint country venue of Lyde Court. Greeted immediately by smiles all around it was confirmed pretty early that this would be a pretty wholesome day.

The day went splendidly with somewhat of an attempt at cooperation from the English weather. We made our way into the candle lit barn that was filled with wildflowers. The perfect setting for what came next.

Now, I have always been a sucker for a romantic comedy or heart filling love story. It would be fair to say, I often draw comparisons to the stories I capture and those I watched so attentively from the sofa. There’s something about being a 90’s baby that makes you quest after the ultimate romantic moment. I’d say its to do with the movies we grew up on. A typical boy meets girl complicated whirlwind romance. Only to serve as a build up to the grand reveal and slow motion entrance not forgetting of course the perfect meet cute.

Well, at this wedding. Connor and Freya achieved the ultimate level of romantic movie worthy moments. Up there with the heart wrenching rollercoaster that is the Notebook or Professor Snape and his love for Lilly Potter.

Take a listen to this segment of Freya’s Speech as we break from tradition and kick things off with a Bride Speech. If you’re feeling fragile or you want that warm fuzzy feeling, Grab the popcorn and watch it from the start because this is spectacular.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

With her beautiful poem she had us all struggling to see through a haze of happy tears. But no time to dwell, We have more stories to tell! So on with the show, because we have one day more. Pick yourself up it’s time to meet the Outlaws.

The Best Little Man Charlie stealing the show.

Racking up more than 120,000 views on YouTube, This wedding was like no other from the outset. Fast cars, drum and bass and more revs than top gear! Lauren and Shaun’s wedding was simply a masterpiece for any petrolhead without breaking the traditions of a classic and elegant British wedding. Now for this one I’m going to let Charlie do the talking. Together with his Grandad Chris he had written a speech that had lots of laughs and a few aww moments. It also served as a set up for a big surprise. Not easy to do in front of more than a hundred people, even for an adult!

Well done Charlie! You smashed it with all that confidence. Did anyone else see grandad reading every word right there with him? We just witnessed a core memory being made!

Captivating the crowd with Philosophy and the sublime.

So there you have it. I think it’s only fitting we end with a speech that changed my entire approach to wedding film making. This speech needs no introduction so let’s jump right in.

Venues Featured:

Dodford manor

Lyde Court

Woburn Abbey

Charterhouse School

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Horwood House

Luton Hoo

The Crown Hotel, Bawtry

Carlton House Terrace

Dodmoor House

Holmewood Hall

The Old Hall, Ely

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