What to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot?

This is probably one of the first questions that will cross your mind and quite rightly so. The clothes you wear on the day of your lifestyle family photoshoot should be a big consideration since they dramatically impact on the overall look and feel of the photos.

Think about Where your family portrait will be displayed.

outdoor Family photoshoot

Firstly, try to think about how and where you will display the photos in your home.

A family photoshoot can be a great centrepiece in a living room or hall. So if you plan on displaying yours here, try to avoid clothing that would clash with your colour scheme. There’s actually a science to it. after reading through my guide, if you’re feeling nerdy, I found this great article about colour matching that may help.

Similarly, if you are having an outdoor family session so that you can get some fun photos of the children and plan to hang the pictures in their bedroom, what colours would work well with the room’s colours scheme? Try to think about if you would like something bright and vibrant or pastel.

The importance of your location.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Make sure you don’t out dress your chosen spot! Its a common belief that you should be in your “Sunday best” for a family photoshoot, this is a myth. Your outfit choice should suit your surroundings. For an outdoor family photoshoot I use the term “lifestyle” which often reflects perfectly on selecting your outfit. Theres no sense in wearing a tuxedo at the beach however in an urban setting this might just be the perfect choice. BE COMFORTABLE!

Make sense for the time of year.

This ones a big one. It’s about dressing naturally to suit the time of year. If it’s cold, wear a jumper and as such, if its warm short sleeves work fine.

autumn family photoshoot

For Spring

pastels and light fresh blues, greens and yellows are a great option.

In Summer

Blush, warm pinks, yellows look beautiful, as do cool sky blues, mints and aqua. However, for something glitzier, you’ve got the choice of champagne, rose gold and ivory shades.


Earthy Browns, rusty oranges, golds and creams work really well in the Autumn. They don’t have to be dark but I personally like working with richer colours and materials like wool and tweed.


Warm reds and jewel colours such as emerald greens, teal and mulberry are perfect in the Winter. A heavy knit sweater or smart winter coat can also work really well to add variety to your final collection of images.

Don’t fall for the match!

Instead of the same outfit in four sizes, choose a theme and run with it! It doesn’t look natural when everybody wears the same clothes. My advice would be to start with smart casual. Simple, comfortable and natural. A family photoshoot is a glance into your life as a family. If you hate a type of fabric or a certain colour avoid it. This is about who you are as a family.