A Royal Wedding at the Family Home

Emma found my work from a wedding at Dodford Manor where I had previously been the wedding photographer for Tommy and Holly. She had fallen in love with the cinematic romance of that particular moment. She explained how she had planned a fusion of traditional and contemporary wedding themes and we began to piece together a plan of how her photographs might look. One thing Emma mentioned was her quest since childhood, to prove she was secretly related to the queen. With that in mind it seemed perfectly fitting for Emma, and her soon to be groom, Andy to create their own pop up pub!

The setting for the wedding was a beautiful country house in Wendover, surrounded by farmland. A rustic barn wedding ceremony, followed by a garden celebration. A pretty idyllic country wedding.

As a wedding photographer and wedding videographer, I love the opportunity to work somewhere new. That’s especially true when its not your typical wedding venue as it presents a creative challenge, I literally had no idea what to expect. Fiona ( my second shooter) and I arrived simultaneously to photograph the prep. The girls, photographed by myself on this occasion and the guys by Fiona. Once ready, I asked Andy to wear a microphone. Emma was completely in the dark of our intention to produce a little film so hiding the microphone was critical. We tucked it inside his jacket and all went swimmingly.