Elim Church Northampton Wedding Photography

So here we are… It’s the big day for Jack and Danielle. The car is packed full of Photography gadgets, and so we are off to Northampton. Close to Victoria Park and a stones throw from Central Northampton is Elim Church. Contemporary and bright, not to mention close to the hearts of the couple there was only one place for their Wedding. We started bright and early with both of them getting ready at the church before the wedding. Danielle and the girls appeared laid back and ready for anything. Jack and the boys had a little drama with a misplaced laptop but other than that, alls well.

What caught me by surprise about Elim Church was the use of space. The layout and use of light amplified the space within giving all the atmosphere of a grand wedding without losing the closeness of an intimate and exclusive event. Its modern minimalist decor in the ceremony room ensures the smallest personal touch shines through. The vast space of the theatre means you can create any atmosphere or look you desire with their dynamic coloured lighting and crystal clear audio system. Elim church is certainly a hidden gem within the Northampton wedding scene.

Red white and blue are the colours for this English wedding. We threw in a couple of smoke grenades and some light tricks and hey presto! A wedding no one can forget! if you are thinking about a Northampton wedding, The details for Elim Church can be found below.

See their Engagement Session Here

1 thought on “Elim Church Northampton Wedding Photography

  1. Danielle

    Honestly could cry with happiness every time I look back on our wedding pictures captured in such a unique way , I cant believe that someone can turn the back of a sports hall in Northampton (it was very grubby haa) into a Forrest paradise picture .
    Drew is more than a photographer, more than a click of a button he literally creates something out of nothing .
    I’m so glad that I choose Drew In fact I still feel lucky to even been able to have him shoot our wedding . As I know for sure he has big things coming his way !

    The day went so smooth I didn’t feel on edge or that he needed to be prompted he knew where to be And when Capturing every special moment . All the guest loved him to !

    He was a massive support to the day beyond photography even helped out with some tunes in the morning which I clearly forgot about and made sure everyone got to my after party etc. Drew over all has such a calm nature on the day he literally took away my nerves ! Being so organised and so calm.
    It’s hard to write little about this photographer as right from the engagement shoot I knew I struck gold , I am such a fussy person when it comes to angles or pictures of me , but I literally don’t have one picture that I didn’t like ! Out of thousands .
    The best money I spent on my wedding was these pictures .
    And I still view them everyday on the online gallery which is so easy to use ! .
    From the engagement shoot to the wedding and even to our newborn shoot with my daughter Drew is always the photographer I would want behind the camera . I’ve never met anyone with such a natural talent , and I have worked and studied in the fashion industry and have never seen someone capture nothing into something the way he does ! Plus if you like “something different and fun” he is your guy ! , all those smoke Grenades and my dress still didn’t get damaged so don’t worry ! Go bold :).
    I sometimes have to look twice at the pictures to see is that me is that us? Haa.

    So if your thinking who should I pick for my wedding photographer ? have no doubts with Drew Webb no one needs to worry or stress they won’t get the outcome of the photos they want because he will provide that outcome and more ! .

    Thanks Drew Webb ! For these memories to last a life time . Can’t wait to create more .


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