• As a wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of engaged couples. Though hiring a photographer has been a key part of wedding preparation for a long time, photography is an industry that adapts quickly with advances in technology. Whilst traditional artistry trades like florists and stylists may well change to suit current fashion trends, the products have remained the same unlike photography which has become a digital industry. The first thing i want to talk about, and perhaps the question I am asked most often is about digital files vs albums, so here goes…

    1. Do I really need a printed album? 

    For me, the answer is simple. Its not a question of whether you need an album, nobody needs anything other than a registrar and witnesses to get married. The question is really, why should you spend money on an album? Lets face it, good quality albums are anything but cheap. My advice would be to try to think of an album not as a collection of photographs, but as your first family heirloom. I would still advise you to consider purchasing the digital files. They will most likely be very expensive if they are not in the package you chose and therefore sometimes its best to ensure they are included. The reason why I recommend that you do it is to ensure the long term security of your photographs. Ideally you should have a copy of your photos backed up in two separate computers and your photographer should have them archived for a period of time. whilst these items are usually the most expensive part of a package they are, in my opinion, the most important. A one off payment for a piece of family history

  • 2. Whats an engagement session?

    Firstly if you’re unsure forget that its a photoshoot. Think of it as an opportunity to work with your photographer and to find out how comfortable you are with different poses in front of the camera. You also have an opportunity to ask any questions about your day and to try any particular poses or locations you like. How this will affect your wedding day will be that it will help to build your trust in the photographer thus causing you less stress on the day. You can relax knowing that they are capturing the day perfectly. you could even make it add to your day. Shots from your engagement session in frames on the tables or around the venue perhaps, maybe put them in the invitations even.


  • 3.Bridal sessions 

    Often on your wedding day, time will become one of those forgotten things and before you know it its the end of the night. Its for this reason that bridal sessions exist. Go to your favourite location or even back to your venue and get that work of art for your wall without worrying about your guests or keeping to a timeline. There are numerous different styles around the world like trash the dress shoots or the more elegant traditional styles choose the one that you identify with.


  • How many photographers? 
    Well this comes down to personal preference. Photographers used to have assistants to load film back in the day and  eventually these assistants would become photographers. Nowadays photographers may have whats called a second shooter. These extra shots add a new dynamic to your wedding story. having one gives you choices like which angle do I want to see the first kiss from or how did people on table ten react to the speeches. As a photographer i never shoot a wedding alone. primarily its an insurance policy if something happens to me or my cameras there will be two additional cameras on my second shooter who will have the key shots just as I do. Wedding photography is a one chance opportunity and we don’t risk results

  • 5. There are so many photographers how do I know I picked the right one?


    Meet them before you book! it sounds simple but for you to trust your photographer fully you should do all you can to meet them have a talk about your day over a coffee. This informal meeting will establish your personalities and ensure you are right to work together. Everybody wedding is unique.


    How do their photographs make you feel? Do they make you feel anything at all? If the answer’s no then just keep looking. Styles are what make an established photographer looking at their images you should see consistency and be able to identify their style.


    The most important thing is that you trust your wedding photographer. There are no second chances to get the shot at a wedding you have to be able to rely on them to do their job.


    Last but not least ask to see sample products. A good quality album or USB will let you know the quality of product you will be paying for.

    If you have any questions you’d like to be answered in a future post feel free to let me know and I shall do my best to respond promptly.