• A beautiful venue full of character and period features. I was asked to become a part of the story of India and Kieran about a month before their wedding. With the news of a new addition to the family they decided to push forward their wedding date. The venue they chose is beautiful Horwood House. A luxury and elegant manor set in 38 acres of landscaped gardens, it really is the place for an sophisticated wedding celebration. As a wedding photographer I love these sorts of venues, its like putting a young child in a sweet shop, Within minutes I have tried everything on display.

    Prep for this wedding was perhaps the most chilled affair of all time for the ladies. Not a hair out of place, just the twins running round with balloons making sure everybody is WIDE AWAKE!

  • Horwood House has a truly spectacular setting. Reminiscent of english aristocracy, you can't help but immerse yourself in the peaceful world through the window.


  • Whilst I captured the events of the brides preparations just a few miles away. My second shooter Matt of www.MatthewThompson.Photography took on the task of documenting the groom and groomsmen preparations. challenges that matt faced in Horwood house with the guys were things like available light. The thing that gives properties like Horwood their Characteristic atmosphere is the low amount of natural light inside the rooms and halls. Its by no means dark to the eye however cameras see light in a totally different way which can prove difficult for some photographers. Luckily Matt like myself, embraces the challenges weddings present to us. Using his experience as a fashion photographer, he quickly overcame the obstacle and captured some sincere moments. 

  • Back with myself and the girls, It was time for the twins to have their turn for hairstyling. I have never seen two young children so full of energy and excitement sit so still and focused for that amount of time! 

  • As more people started to become ready, it dawned upon each of them that what had started as a misplaced phone call was about to become a lifelong vow to each other.

  • With the guys now welcoming the guests to the church, India and the girls began the short trip to the ceremony.

  • As the wedding march chorused and India made her entrance I fully expected an emotional response from Keiran. Instead a ever growing smile, and tears from the father of the bride as he escorted his daughter to wed her soon to be husband.

  • Leaving behind St. Cecilia Church in Adstock Buckinghamshire after the wedding ceremony meant that we were off to join the rest of the guests at Horwood House to continue the wedding celebrations. 

  • Its tradition for the groom to hand out gifts at english weddings. Having attended more weddings in last few years than most I thought i would have been able to give you a pretty good guess as to what the gifts may be. Traditional tankards or hip flasks for the boys, something from tiffanys for the bridesmaids, a flowering bouquet of flowers for Mum and of course the new mother in law. Never seen an inflatable sheep though. I have now! 

  • A golden sky seemed a pretty fitting end to the daytime celebrations. In a week of rain and wind, the elements let the sun beam down on us all day. 

  • And of course the start of the dancing. 


    I felt truly honoured to have been a part of their story. I wish them both all the happiness in the world!

    From accidental wrong number to married with a baby on the way. Hollywood would be jealous. 



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