• Top Five Questions about Engagement Sessions with Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer Drew Webb

    Engagement Sessions Explained

    Firstly, don't worry if you have never heard of an engagement session. For most couples,

    an engagement session is often something that gets overlooked when thinking about

    photography. The best part of engagement is getting to know who you are. We can design

    your session to tell your story

    Below I Have tried to answer a few of the most common questions about engagement


    Picking a Location

    Perhaps the most difficult decision when planning your engagement session. The location

    will completely change the look of your photographs. It can be as simple as the place you

    first met or the woods you take the dog to now and then. If you are city dwellers,

    architecture can add a whole new level of drama to your photographs. Wherever in the

    world you choose to go, I will follow and together we will create stunning and breathtaking


    Rain or shine it will all be fine!

    Some of my favourite shots have been taken in the pouring rain providing you are happy to

    put on your raincoats.

    What time of day?

    In summer its best to shoot early or late. Shooting in the midday sun isn't the best idea. I

    like to shoot between 4pm till 8pm in the summer and 2-5pm in the winter. This is when the

    sun is at its lowest giving the best quality of light.

    Im camera shy.

    No problem most people are! the engagement session is designed to help you to relax in

    front of the camera so when your wedding day arrives you are not concerned about the

    camera.I can guide you on the dos and don’ts in front of the camera.

    What to wear

    Good things come in threes, I recommend two or three looks for your session. Normally I’d

    say casual, formal, seasonal. This depends on who you are as a couple. Dress to be

    comfortable. Avoid bright colours, try not to have slogans or large logos as they can be