• Born in 1990, you could say I am part of the Harry Potter Generation. With the recent passing of actor Alan Rickman (aka Professor Snape) I decided I'd spend an evening indulging in every one of the Harry Potter films. As I watched that belief that was so prominent as a child returned and I soon found myself thinking that magic is real! 


    Harry potter has been such a key part of my journey to adulthood. Being the same age as the lead characters, I often found myself relating to the characters as although my world had less wands and no flying cars, there were similarities in the experiences the characters and I were having. 


    Snape became more and more mysterious as the series continues. Nothing could have prepared me for the big reveal in the final film which was portrayed beautifully (hats off to the production team). The magic of watching Harry Potter Films growing up is Without a doubt a key contributor to my current profession. Since the moment I watched Dumbledore capture the light from Street lamps, I was captivated. 


    The passing of Mr Rickman really was a shock. I was on the edge of my seat as Hans dangled from the sky scraper in Die Hard, he made me laugh in Love Actually. Most importantly, he humbled me with his performance as Snape. Reminding us all that there is always more to a person than what we see, and there is no  power greater in any world than that of love.


    so here it is. 


    Start to finish My magical tribute to you Snape. 

  • it started with the image you see here which is the straight out of camera shot. 


    The setup for this shoot was a single speed light and a camera on a tripod with a remote. I set the camera up down the path so that the lines of the path would guide the eye through the image. I set the flash about 30 feet away from the camera with myself between them. This setup gave maximum illumination the the snow and a crisp outline on me. 

  • I fashioned myself a wand from a twig I found nearby and took up my position. After taking the shot I began to retouch the Image in photoshop, this is where the real magic begins.... A Glimmer of Light from the wand and the removal of the streetlight which I used to assist the autofocus on my camera